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Writing is often a personal, private and lonely experience. Writing in the company of others can be distracting, fun, exhilarating and inspiring. Sharing what you have just written with other writers, out loud, can be absolutely paralyzing. But only for a moment. You will soon realize that this is not a test. What you have written will not be graded or criticized. Quite the contrary.  

Everyone has just written the first thoughts that entered their heads about a topic they have not had time to contemplate. No one has had an opportunity to edit, reword, spell-check or polish what they have written. They will probably laugh if you wrote something funny, but they will not laugh at you. They may cry if you have written about an experience that touches their hearts. And they will certainly let you know if you have made them eager to hear more.

What some people who have taken Write for Joy! said about it:

"I loved the class...It gave me permission to just write without thinking about rules. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a little more creativity in their life, whether it is just to journal or to write the great American novel." - Jan  

"I liked the timed writings and the focus...The different senses were great!" - Bonnie  

"The course made writing fun. I actually learned to enjoy it. Usually I hate writing. It helped me free up my creativity." - Anonymous  

"This was my first writing class...I felt secure taking it by e-mail and was encouraged by the positive feedback. I am not sure I would have taken a class where I had to read my work aloud or allow others to critique it. This was the perfect solution." - Jackie . P.O. Box 936125 . Margate . FL 33093
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