frequently asked questions


What if I don't consider myself to be a writer?
Doesn't matter. I know you are a writer.
What if I didn't do well in English class?
Doesn't matter. You will do very well in this class.
What if I can't write a complete sentence, spell, or punctuate?
Doesn't matter.
What if I have no interest in publishing my writing?
Doesn't matter.
What if I do have an interest in being published?
Doesn't matter.  
What happens during class?
We write for a specified time on a topic, we read what we wrote, we comment in a positive way on each other's writing, and we write again.
What if I can't think of anything to write on a topic?
You will eventually; just keep writing.
Can I write about something else?
Do I have to share what I wrote?
No. You can pass at any time.
Will you correct my mistakes?
No; when you Write for Joy, you can't make a mistake.  
What do I need to bring?
To South Florida classes or in-person workshops, a loose-leaf notebook, lined or not, and a few free-flowing pens. For classes on the Internet, you will need an e-mail account and access to a computer for about 75 minutes; a printer is not necessary, but it will give you the option to print what you and others have written.
Do I need to bring samples of my writing?
Will you look at something I have written outside of class and tell me what you think? That depends. On what? If you want to pay for that service and what kind of comments you are looking for.
Will you help me find an agent or a publisher?
Probably not.  
What if I don't take my writing seriously?
Welcome to Write for Joy!  


How much?  
The Introductory Class (It's Sensational!) includes six sessions at $15.00 each for a total of $90.00 payable at or before the first session. If you have referred someone else to the class, tell me and you will get one session for free.  

For South Florida residents who can't commit to all six classes, you may pay as you go at the rate of $20 per class. (This option is not available on-line.) A South Florida resident hosting a class in his/her home writes for free.  

Ongoing writing groups in South Florida and on-line are in cycles of five sessions each at $12 per session for a total of $60 payable in advance.  

Make checks payable to: Roberta St. Jean. Mail to: Write for Joy!, P.O. Box 936125, Margate, FL 33093. Include a note with your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number(s) and the class or group you are paying for.  

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